One of my ongoing passion projects is an animated feature film concept set during the Korean War that tells the story of Taewon, an ambitious young South Korean captain who dreams of becoming a legendary general. After proving himself a clever and adept combat leader on the northern front, he is assigned to the less glorious task of annihilating the bands of communist partisan guerrillas hiding out in Jiri Mountain.


Disgruntled and overconfident, he underestimates the enemy and his company is ambushed. He wakes to find he is being held captive at a mystical village in the depths of the mountain. Humbled by the peaceful ways of the villagers, he falls in love with one of the maidens and an encounter with the goddess of the mountain forever changes who he is. But even the secluded village cannot escape the savagery of war and soon reinforcements arrive to finish Taewon's mission. Caught in the crossfire, Taewon must choose between the duty of his former life and the newfound love he has discovered.